Clifford Durant is an Accredited Conservation Studio recognised by the
Institute of Conservation, A.C.R. for Churches and Listed Properties but we are just as happy
working for the general public in your own homes.

From early liaising with our client we personally see every tiny detail through to the final completely restored window, this includes position recognition and early photography then carefully removing the panel from its stonework/timber/iron surround and boarding over securely.

At our workshop in Horsham, Sussex we are fully equipped to rebuild your glass with new English Hand Drawn Lead Came. Lead Came is the ‘H’ section lead that hold the glass in position often in sinuous lines. This is a huge subject, in Conservation terms we use ‘nothing but the best’ we never use inferior foreign lead.

Over the years lead came has been produced in many different ways and with many different ingredients, but in our opinion there is only one lead came and that is ‘Hand milled’ and as close to pure lead as possible.

Hand milled lead came is exactly the same as the lead came used by the Victorians, we can produce it with a slim 1mm heart and in some 30 different profiles thickness and heart height to match exactly the original. Over that past few years we have be liaising with English Heritage to try to find exactly what is the best lead came for longevity. We approached several of the leading Conservation Studios in this country and asked them for samples of spent lead came from various Conservation projects.

By using the best materials possible we can inject a long serviceable life into your failed or bowing leaded lights. In addition we are also able to restore your traditional opening windows by using skilled craftsmen in their respective trades. We are able to restore or replace metal and timber windows.


We are proud to specialise in traditional Leaded Light glass, we concentrate solely on Traditional Leaded Lights and refurbishing steel windows. We keep large stocks of traditional glass and metal window components. Clifford Durant A.C.R. is an Accredited Glass restorer/conservator.



The Glasshouse Studio
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Telephone: 01403 264607
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