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Leaded Lights that leak and are bowing are a particular concern to homeowners because very often the water ingress can ruin curtains and furnishings so restoration of the leaded lights is the best solution. We recently worked on a house near Farnham Surrey where exactly this was happening. The leaded lights were leaking quite badly and the water worked its way across the window board and affected the curtains. Restoration of the windows here solved this problem. We were able to carefully remove the front elevation leaded panels from this Farnham home for complete restoration reusing all of the original glass but changing the spent lead for new English lead thereby retaining all of the original house character and value.

Benefits of choosing a P.A.C.R. professional restoration studio.

  • We will use all of your glass in the restoration process.
  • You will retain the original character to your home.
  • We are local specialists who are tried & trusted.
  • By keeping your home original you are also retaining its value.
  • We have worked in and around Surrey since 1972.
  • Once restored you can forget your concerns.
  • We are proud of our fine reputation for restoring leaded glass.
  • We use only English Hand Drawn lead to match the original.

Phone for more information

If you have concerns about your leaking or bowing leaded lights and thinking of having them restored, we can answer all of your questions. We can call to see you where you will get a truthful appraisal on the condition of your leaded lights. We specialise solely in historical leaded windows in stone wood or metal surrounds. We can also advise on the frames themselves if you have concerns.

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